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CDFaker aka FakeCD 32bit released! (new 2011-09-12)

My BeagleBoard page! (new 2010-08-24)

My Iyonix pages (updated 2003-08-27)

Latest News...CDVDBurn released! [2005-07-01]

Welcome to my humble homepage. You will notice a total lack of nice and not-so-nice graphics here - this is deliberate. It expressed my preference for content-over-presentation and short loading times, contrary to other website efforts...if you want to read more about my webpage design philosophy, follow this link.

There are some personal details available - so if you want to know more about me, this is your chance. It might be your only one. Be aware that the content is very technically oriented, because I guessed that these are the things people who visit this website are mostly interested in. If you have another opinion, please share it with me.

Information about the RISC OS software I have written might be much more interesting, especially the pages about CDBurn.

Other interesting things include information about RISC OS Ada 95 programming. If you don't know Ada yet, you have missed one of the most interesting programming languages available today.

From time to time, I am organizing a local RISC OS meeting. If you want to find out more about this meeting, look here - a visit might be a valuable experience for you.

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