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hubersn Software!


Quite some time ago, I took over the distribution of my CD writer software CDBurn. The result is hubersn Software.

Anyway, because of time pressure, I might not be able to keep the huber-net webpages current. Instead, just head over to the hubersn Software site to get all the really important news.

Misc stuff


Half a year went by without an update...this makes the suggestion to subscribe to Peter Naulls' Unix Porting Project relevant again.

But - this update should be retrospect and forecast at the same time. For Iyonix owners, there is a new small, but useful utility available named MMCSpeed (download here). It allows you to adjust (and, sensibly, reduce) the read speed of your CD writer, which can reduce the noise during read operations to an acceptable level - in line with the general quietness of the Iyonix (my Iyonix pages have also been updated).

I am now also the owner of a MicroDigital Omega. This means that a proper comparative review between Omega and Iyonix will be available soon. To be published first in the German magazine GAG-News, an online version will follow. Keep an eye on the usual RISC OS news sites.

Advances on the CDBurn front are slow. Besides the various 32bit beta versions and trying to implement Audio Disc at once writing at least for the CD-RW drives delivered with the Iyonix, nothing much happened. Mainly because I spent my last two week holiday on producing (writing, layouting, printing) a wedding newspaper for a very good friend of mine (you can download it from here - beware, German text). The whole thing put my shiny new Oki C5300n colour laser printer to the test - it came out as being very good, very fast and ozone-free. But also a bit noisy.

Please subscribe to the Unix Porting Project!


This is really something you should consider if you care about the future of software development for RISC OS. There are so many "good things" that already happened because of this project - please support it by subscribing now - best you choose the "Browser support" option!

CDBurn goes 32bit!


With the news from Castle Technology about the release of their forthcoming piece of hardware, the XScale-based Iyonix PC, I thought it would be a good idea to ensure that CDBurn is capable to run on that new, exciting hardware.

What followed was extensive research on how to enable GNAT (the Ada compiler used to develop CDBurn) to produce 32bit output capable to run on both current and coming RISC OS machines. Research has been mostly completed (successfully, I might add), and a version that is believed to be 32bit clean has been released to testers.

See the CDBurn homepage for more information.

Project "Uhu" announced


This is the first official announcement of my latest project called "Uhu". It came into existence after meeting Robin Watts/Warm Silence Software at the last Wakefield show. If you are/I am really lucky, you will see the first results at Wakefield 2002. Until then, details of the project are kept secret. Prepare for being the mean time, you can try to guess the project's purpose by its name - mail your best guess to me.

CDBurn support page online


I have put a new CDBurn support resource online - over time, it should become the definite resource for CDBurn tips and tricks, references to all official CDBurn support channels, links to software that can be used in conjunction with CDBurn...

The main CDBurn pages were also updated.

New CDBurn version available - now with IDE support!


After quite a long time, but motivated by the fact that the latest RISC OS computers won't get SCSI too soon (neither Mico nor RiscStation - well, we can hope for true podule compatibility for imago...), I have added IDE support to CDBurn. Besides the well-known SCSI writers, there is now a range of IDE writers supported - at the moment, the IDE code works with the internal IDE of the Risc PC, the E-IDE of Mico and RiscStation, and the E-IDE podules from either Simtec or APDL/MicroDigital.

WSS and me weren't able to test a wide range of devices - people with IDE writers should mail me if they want to help testing.

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