About me

I was born in 1973 in Waiblingen, a very nice city near Stuttgart in the south of Germany. And only a few years later (1985), I bought my first Computer, an Amstrad CPC464. With 3 inch floppy and a greeny screeny. Great stuff.

It was as early as 1990 that my humble CPC was replaced by an Acorn A3000 (in the early times, this type of computer was known as the "Archimedes") - and this is still the system I use. 1995 saw the addition of a Risc PC 700 to the family of RISC OS computers. As a testbed for my software, I bought an additional Risc PC lately. Both talk to each other via a 10baseT Ethernet. Additionaly, there is also an Intel-based PC around, mainly to experiment with networking and the various Unix variants, and for the fun, I also own a Sony PlayStation.

Well, life (unfortunately) does not entirely consist of free time - from 1992 to 1998 I studied Computer Science at Stuttgart University. My main interests there were Graphical User Interfaces and Software Ergonomy as well as Software Engineering.

During my studies, I learned the Ada Programming Language, and I liked it a lot - so much in fact that I decided to implement the CDBurn project completely in Ada 95. If you want to learn more about programming Ada 95 under RISC OS, take a look here.

If you own a RISC OS computer, you might be interested in some software I have written.

Now, free time has become a very sparse resource since I started to work full time for icon Systemhaus GmbH in Zuffenhausen - there, I mainly work on Java-oriented projects. At the moment on a very GUI-centric, Swing-based project...

Of my precious free time, I am spending most on being together with my friends, as well as playing table tennis at the TSV Schwaikheim. Great fun.

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