CDBurn support

During the many years of CDBurn's existence, support for customers and hopefully-soon-customers has taken an ever increasing slice of my free time (which is also CDBurn's development time).

To reduce the time needed for support issues, this website was created. Before contacting me or Warm Silence Software, please look around and see if your question has already been answered.

The Manual

CDBurn's manual was often criticised for being too technical, and there is probably some truth in that. But the manual should nevertheless be the first stop when questions arise.

The manual is currently undergoing a major revision. In the meantime, you can download the old manual in several formats. The Impression format manual was done by Brian Carroll, and it should give a nice manual when printed in pamphlet mode. For those without Impression, several PostScript versions are available, printable via GhostScript, Riscript Pro or any PostScript capable printer.

Frequently asked questions

During support, it became clear soon that CD writing is a complicated issue with a lot of factors to be considered. Here you can read the most frequently asked (and answered ;-)) questions.

Mailing List

Our preferred support medium is the CDBurn mailing list (hosted by Smartgroups). Via Smartgroups' web interface, you can easily read back past topics of discussion. The mailing list has also the advantage of bringing together the developer with many customers at the same time. Especially customer experience about a range of drives or media has always been found valuable.

To visit (and possibly join) the wss-cdburn mailing list on Smartgroups, click on the following link:

WSS CDBurn-Users

The mailing list is a medium both for current customers and for people generally interested in buying CDBurn.

The configurable driver

Since version 1.59, CDBurn features a configurable MMC driver. Configuration is currently via a cryptic file interface, i.e. if you want to create a driver for your specific CD Writer, you need to create a text file describing the driver features.

This textfile describes how to create such a driver.

Useful 3rd party software

This is a selection of software written by other people that might be useful or even essential in conjunction with CDBurn.

Commercial/Semi commercial stuff

Free stuff

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